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Nothing renews your home’s sparkle like bright, clean windows. But it takes time to wash them and can be a real hassle to get at all the exterior windows. The professionals at College Pro Window Cleaning will help you cross this project off your to do list. We’ll clean your windows, inside and out, to reveal the brightness and light you’ve been missing.

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Use our online estimator to get an estimate and schedule your project. Or, if you prefer, you can call us at 1-800-268-4248 to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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We’ll arrive at the scheduled time to begin the project. Or, if you scheduled an in-home estimate, we can sometimes start work on the spot! While you go about your life, we’ll be hard at work, making your windows shine.

3. Inspect our work

Once your job is completed, we will take you on our Walk of Pride to do a close inspection of our work and ensure you’re satisfied. Congratulations on your beautiful home!

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Our window cleaning services


Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your windows twice a year to:

  • Brighten your living spaces
  • Provide better heat efficiency
  • Help avoid glass degradation
  • Remove dirt and grime

We thoroughly wash, squeegee, and buff your windows, plus wipe down the exterior sills and frames. We can either do one-side washing, or two-side.


Storm and Screen Cleaning

Maintain your storm windows and screens to improve heat efficiency and protect your home from the elements.
We remove the screens and storms, gently wash both sides with soapy water, and scrub to clean the surfaces. We then rinse, dry, and reinstall them.


Gutter and Eaves Debris Removal

When gutters and eaves become clogged with debris, rainwater can back up onto your roof and into your home. This can ultimately cause flooding and destroy your gutters and eaves. We recommend that gutters and eaves are cleaned twice a year.

We remove all loose debris from the interior of eaves, gutters, and downspouts to ensure that water flows freely through the system.


Exterior Siding Cleaning

Exterior siding cleaning gets rid of mold, mildew, and stains on your home’s exterior. Plus it’s an affordable way to improve the appearance of your home!

We make sure your home is protected during cleaning, and don’t use harsh chemicals in the process.

Four signs it’s time to have your windows cleaned

  • You’re putting your home up for sale.
  • It’s hard to see out of your windows.
  • You’re hosting an event at your home.
  • You forget the last time you cleaned your windows. In fact, you might never have cleaned them!
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