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Exterior house painting is hard work. College Pro makes it easy.
Since 1971, we’ve served local communities with quality house painting services

If we’re being honest, exterior house painting is a backbreaking task when you go it alone. Between vertigo inducing ladders, sanding down old paint, washing off dirt and taking caution not to paint the windows, there is a lot to think about. Our team of professional house painters make it easy. We are equipped with the right tools and training to get your house painting project carried out without a hitch.

Exterior House Painting is Not a DIY Project

Beginning your house painting project with College Pro is simple, just enter your zip/postal code above to request a free estimate today. Alternatively, you could give us a ring at 1-800-327-2468 to get an estimate scheduled for you.

Meet your local pro icon

Meet your local pro

Once we get this step taken care of, you’ll be ready to meet your professional team. Our painting contractors will get in contact with you to arrange the details of your home painting action plan.

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Decide on us

Once we get this step taken care of, you’ll be ready to meet your professional team. Our painting contractors will get in contact with you to arrange the details of your home painting action plan.

Let us take over icon

Let us take over

When our painting contractors arrive at your home, they will draft a written estimate on-site and create a blueprint of the what the job will entail. We’re confident you will recognize the value we bring to our work from our initial consultation and want to learn about the next steps.

Inspect our work icon

Inspect our work

The moment you choose us, we will begin organizing timeframes and arranging for the required equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. Best of all, we only require a starting deposit and will not collect the final payment until we’re sure you are satisfied with the results.

Over 2000000 homes transformed

Homes Transformed

Our Five-Step System for High-Quality Painting Projects

Our workers will arrive promptly every day to commence the exterior house painting services and make sure to clean up the property at the end of each shift. The painters we work with are college-aged students who have received extensive training on house painting services and business management skills alike. They model their work after this five-step system that is proven effective:



Step 1: Preparing

Step 1: Preparing

We power wash, caulk, putty, sand, and scrape the home*, using drop cloths to ensure a clean job site.
* Depending on project



Step 2: Priming

Step 2: Priming

Your local pro will choose the high-quality primer that’s best for your project to make sure your new paint lasts.



Step 3: Painting

Step 3: Painting

We apply a finish coat of your preferred color and gloss level. This will protect your home from the elements and ultra violet rays that weather your home.


cleaning up

Step 4: Cleaning Up

Step 4: Cleaning Up

We clean up daily, as well as at the end of the project. We remove paint chips, and pack up and store our materials. You won’t even know we were there!



Step 5: Inspecting

Step 5: Inspecting

After we’ve applied the last coat of paint and attend to the finishing touches, we will take you through the finished product to get your stamp of approval. Congratulations on your new and improved home!

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When you notice that the color on your house is fading, peeling or hasn’t had any work done in at least eight years, it’s definitely time for a touch up. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with College Pro for local house painting services in your area. We offer a two-year warranty and full worker’s compensation along with liability insurance to protect you and our workers. Call us at 1-800-327-2468 to request a free estimate.

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Worry free: Two-year warranty & full workers’ compensation and liability insurance

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