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Home improvement projects can be a lot of fun. Many homeowners take great pride in knowing how to tile their bathroom, install new speakers, or fix a leaky faucet. It’s great to know how to do these things yourself, but sometimes a job can be too big for just one person. You’re more than capable to do the job on your own, but the size of the job might be keeping you from getting started. One was the last time you had the exterior of your house painted? Many homeowners can’t even recall the last time they put on a few fresh coats. It’s recommended that you paint your home every eight to ten years in order to prevent peeling, cracking, and flaking. Preventing problems before they arise will save you money, and hiring house painters from Yakima College Pro will save you time.

How Can We Save You Money?

At Yakima College Pro, we hire only the best and the brightest local college students to paint your home. These house painters have been trained in customer service, business management, and how to run small painting teams. They also gain real-world experience painting homes and working with customers. These teams are self-motivated and work hard for your business and your satisfaction. They are also happy to work within your budget and timeline. Yakima College Pro understands the value of a good reputation and always works hard to make sure that you are a satisfied customer. Our house painters have the support of their team members, our management, and their very own coaches. Our professionals guide our house painters and can work directly with customers to address any questions or concerns.

Yakima College been working with communities like Yakima for over forty years and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Call Yakima College Pro today and scratch a big “to-do” off the list tomorrow.

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