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Is it time for that home makeover you have been putting off for years? Maybe you need your lounge or hallway touched up with a slightly lighter color to brighten up your life. When thinking about making such decorative changes you want to know your choices are going to look as good as you envisioned. You want know for certain that whoever does the job, does it right and takes on board your questions and ideas. College Pro Woonsocket specializes in breathing new life into homes with house painting.

Mking a Great Place Even Greater

Not only will your home look amazing once College Pro Woonsocket has worked on your home, your business will also do wonders for the economy and community of Woonsocket. College Pro works with only the most motivated college students of Woonsocket who have the hunger for business excellence and strong desire to work and learn. Our student painters work with us to further develop their skills that they are learning at college. We know that the real world application of those skills is incredibly valuable and important to students of today. That’s why when you choose College Pro Woonsocket for your house painting, you are investing in both your home and the future of Woonsocket students.

Rhode Island winters are notable tough on exterior paint, with the summers being just as testing on homes. With such varying temperatures from season to season, regular house painting can save your home from serious damage. At College Pro Woonsocket, Our student painters only the highest quality paints and primers for your home. Through combining quality products with quality workmanship, College Pro has maintained a customer referral rate of 97% throughout all our years of service. Choose College Pro Woonsocket for your house painting today, and start living in a more beautiful home tomorrow!

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Tyler was very thorough and the service was excellent. He notiifed us when running late which was appreciated.

Karen & Steve

Oakville, ON
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