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Woonsocket is known as “A City on the Move.” Citizens of Woonsocket know that means the city is always looking to move on up. Woonsocket is all about preserving the historic beauty of their neighborhoods, and as a homeowner, you should be looking for opportunities to improve your home and keep your neighborhood beautiful. One of the easiest ways to do this is hiring Woonsocket College Pro to paint the exterior of your home. You may think that a quality home painting service is out of your budget, but Woonsocket College Pro is here to tell you that you don’t have to skimp on quality to get a paint job in your price range. We can keep our cost lower than other painting companies because we employ eager and bright college students from the Woonsocket area. We task these entrepreneurs to form and manage small teams of house painters to keep the homes of Woonsocket looking beautiful.

Woonsocket College Pro Training

At Woonsocket College Pro, our training program is extensive and detailed. We provide our Woonsocket house painters with training on safety, techniques, and product technology that helps them stay ahead in the painting industry. We also give them training on marketing and customer service to help them build up a list of clients and to understand the importance of maintaining a reliable reputation. We also give them training on business management skills that are modeled from the curriculum of top business schools in the United States. We extend our training beyond the classroom by getting our Woonsocket house painters out into the field to apply their new skills and hone in on their natural abilities. As a homeowner, you are giving them an opportunity to learn and excel. You are also helping them to finance their careers and save money for future business endeavors. Give us a call today to see how low our prices can go!

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Very good work.


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Martin Was very friendly and professional. I was impressed right from the date he knocked on my door to provide a quote. He even cleaned our skylights on our roof for no extra cost, when he was on the roof cleaning the gutters.


Etobicoke, ON
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