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Winnipeg is a great city to live in, but the extremes of weather that we experience can make many tasks much more difficult than they are in other climes. From the heat of summer to the sleet and subzero temperatures of winter, the paint on your house needs to be touched up (or completely repainted) more frequently than you may think. Here at College Pro Winnipeg, we're a locally owned franchise that understands the needs of Manitoban homeowners — because we're Manitoban homeowners, too! When you want affordable prices and world class painting that will help your home weather the seasons with ease, come to us.

Saving Money And Creating A Better Future At The Same Time

College Pro Winnipeg works in a very different way than most painting companies, and we're proud of our uniqueness and the difference that we make in every community we operate in. Essentially, we connect eager Winnipeg student painters into teams run by students, and these teams are given management and leadership training. With the skills they need to paint your home and work as their own small business, our student entrepreneurs then go through the entire business process from marketing, painting, and customer service to ensure that you get a great paint job. Unlike other jobs that are open to college students, working with College Pro Winnipeg gives these students a "real world MBA" that they can use to get a leg up in the competitive business world after graduating. You could pay more for a different company to paint your home, but we think it makes much more sense to save money and help your local students gain practical business experience at the same time.

The Merits of a Nicely Painted Home

First off, the most immediate benefit of a freshly painted home is the look! When your home is one of the nicest on the block, driving home to a freshly painted home is a true joy. There's another benefit, though: paint helps protect your home's exterior, and even improves insulation during the winter, allowing you to run your heater less and save money. We even offer window washing services, which will allow more natural light to flow into your home!

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Watch out for the plants next time!


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The team leader went the extra mile. For some reason some type of sticky substance was on some of the windows of the Gazebo [perhaps sap from an oak tree] and it was difficult to remove. The fellows worked as they said 'as a matter of pride' to ensure the windows were cleared. Great job.


Winnipeg, MB
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