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As the southernmost city in all of Canada, Windsor is a truly unique place. And if you want your home to be truly unique, you need College Pro Windsor's window cleaning services. Clean windows create a more beautiful home inside and out. Clean windows allow more natural light to enter your home and provide a clearer view of the outside world. Working with the student window cleaners at College Pro has the added benefit of supporting local higher education and contributing to the future of some of the hardest working students in our community. It's a win-win for all!

The Real World MBA

College Pro Windsor does so much more than offer world-class house painting and window cleaning services. We employ many hardworking college students from the community, and play a unique role as a job provider for flexible part time work. This employment model allows students to earn money while completing their studies. We also offer all of our students hands-on business experience with many of the important aspects of our company including marketing, business affairs, and customer service. Coupled with the leadership training and opportunities we give our students, the hands-on nature of these jobs gives valuable business experience to our students that will give them a leg up in the competitive job market after graduation.

Pamper Your Windows

Having your windows cleaned professionally by the experts at College Pro Windsor will return them to their original luster. Our window cleaners use a special technique to clean windows that involves much more than just window cleaner and some paper towels. When you see how clean we can get your windows, you'll know that it was done carefully and with advanced techniques.

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