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When was the last time the exterior of your home was painted? At Williston College Pro, we recommend painting your house every eight to ten years. If the paint starts to crack, peel and flake before that time frame, then it’s also time to repaint your home. Many homeowners wait too long to get their house painted and then are astounded by the estimates that professional painting companies provide. At Williston College Pro, we want the homeowners of Williston to know that they can afford to have their homes painted by experienced people for a fraction of what major painting companies charge. That is because at Williston College Pro, we train bright, self-motivated entrepreneurs to become Williston house painters who serve their local communities.

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Williston College Pro provides house painters training on how to apply a quality paint job, but they will also receive a “Real-World MBA” by learning business management and leadership skills first hand. They can then use this real-world knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs. You can feel good knowing that you are supporting your community’s future businessmen and women. Our alumni go on to do great things with their lives, and many remain in their communities. Others go on to follow their professional careers to other fantastic places. You can provide these students with an important opportunity that will shape their future goals and endeavors. And you can also feel great hiring Williston College Pro because your house is going to look fantastic.

College Pro has been working in communities like Williston for over four decades. We have franchises all over the United States and Canada, and College Pro is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We provide a two-year warranty on every home painting service, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We do not ask for a final payment until our paint job has passed your inspection! Call Williston College Pro today for a free estimate!

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It was a very good experience. Brian is a real professional and I enjoyed working with him. They did a great job, showed up when they said they would, and checked to make sure I was happy with the work.


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Everything was good.


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