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Cleaning windows can be hard work. Climbing ladders with soap and water can be a real challenge and not a task everyone should attempt. That’s why you should hire College Pro Whitby for your next window cleaning project. We have the expertise, the materials, and drive to provide amazingly clean windows. Our talented team of student window cleaners will go to great lengths to transform your windows from grimy to glorious.

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If you’re going to choose a company to clean your windows, choose College Pro Whitby. The college students we employ are some of the hardest working students in the Whitby area. They take their work seriously and develop a sense of ownership with each job they take on. Students complete detailed training in how to properly clean and maintain windows, making sure a quality job is done every time. Knowing that practice makes perfect, we give our students a great deal of control when it comes to how they interact and conduct their service with customers. This teaches them how to run a successful franchise and as well as a taste of what’s to come in their careers.

We all know a clean window lets in much more light than a dirty one. Overtime, it’s easy to not notice how dirty windows have become. But when it comes to doing something about it, it’s not just a matter of hosing down the window to get it clean. College Pro Whitby uses the highest quality products and techniques to make sure there are no specks of grime or watermarks to be seen. After a long winter, soot and dirt can be caked onto windows. To get truly clean windows inside and out, you need a professional touch. You will be pleasantly surprised with how much clean windows can make your home sparkle.

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