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Whitby citizens love their town! Whether they’re having fun on Lake Ontario, cheering on the Whitby Dunlops, or playing a pick up game of lacrosse, they know that Whitby has something special. Over the past few years Whitby has been growing rapidly and as more neighbors move in, the importance of building community is more relevant now than it’s ever been. At Whitby College Pro we want to help this community enhance their sense of pride and beautify all of the neighborhoods. We have been working for over 4 decades throughout the United States and Canada to employ college students, especially during these hard economic times.

Whitby Community Building

Our Whitby student painters know the importance of getting a solid education and real world experience. These days it’s just not enough to sit in a classroom and only interact with other students and the professor. When employers are looking at resumes they are not only looking for college degrees. They want employees that are well-rounded, involved in their communities, and have professional experience. Many smart college students graduate with solid grades only to run into employment problems because they don’t have any professional experience. At Whitby College Pro we are training our students in management and leadership skills as well as giving them an opportunity to run their painting teams like small businesses. Whitby student painters are responsible for marketing, customer service, scheduling, and leading their very own teams of other student painters.

Rising College Tuition

With rising college tuition, more and more students have to take out federal and private loans to finance their education. Whitby College Pro provides college students with an alternative option that will help them stay out of debt and build their resumes. Feel good about hiring Whitby student painters and support the growing Whitby community.

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