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Does your home need an upgrade? You’re not alone. Nothing transforms a home as effectively as color, so it might be time to give your home a makeover, While house painting sounds simple enough, all the scraping, sanding, caulking, and cleaning that the task entails might cause people to cut some corners. Instead of doing it all yourself, enlist the help of those who take pride in a detailed and thorough job.

Whether you’re looking to add an accent wall in the dining room in a fresh new shade or update the entire exterior of your home in a bold new color scheme, call the Westminster house painters at College Pro to get the job done right.

For A More Colorful Westminster

So why choose College Pro? We have over forty years of small business success across 28 US states and 7 Canadian provinces, serving over 50,000 customers each year. Even though we operate across North America, each location operates as an independently owned small business franchise run entirely by enterprising college students. That means that your money stays right here in Westminster! The money that students earn on the job helps pay for textbooks, tuition, transportation, meals, and more. We’ve actually crunched the numbers and found that 90% of all earnings are reinvested in local businesses, giving our Westminster economy a healthy boost.

College Pro has trained and nurtured over 100,000 student entrepreneurs. Our company hand-selects the best and brightest candidates to undergo what is often referred to as a “real world MBA”. Students are given a high-quality education in everything from leadership to economics to marketing, ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills to run a small business that can also be applied to future ambitious ventures.

Whether you’re going big and bold or calm and neutral, the house painters at College Pro Westminster are here to do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

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