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Keeping your windows clean is crucial, but it is often a chore that gets left undone. It’s easy, however, to see why people tend to put it off. If your home has multiple stories or just windows that are hard to reach, it can be difficult to keep your windows from accumulating dirt. Instead of struggling to reach windows and clean them without leaving streaks or dirty water dripping down the wall, let us help! Here at College Pro West Vancouver, our window cleaning services make it easy to have your windows washed regularly. The difference between clean and dirty windows is as dramatic as night and day.

Let The Light In

Keeping your windows clean does a whole lot more than simply make your windows look shinier and more beautiful from the outside. Even a thin sheet of dirt can accumulate on windows after only a day or two, and this begins to limit the amount of light that can flow in naturally to the interior of your house. When you live in a cloudy place like West Vancouver, every extra bit of light counts. Using regular window cleaning services from College Pro makes it easy to maximize the brightness of your home and lessen your dependency on electric lighting. You may even notice a nice discount in your electric bill.

Supporting Education with Clean Windows

When you hire College Pro to take care of your window cleaning needs, you're supporting local college students. As with our painting services, College Pro hires hardworking local college students, giving them valuable jobs that help them pay their way through college and develop real world business skills through our leadership training programs. You could hire other window cleaners, but choosing College Pro means you'll get beautiful windows while supporting the higher education of the people of West Vancouver at the same time.

I Can See Clearly Now

If you're ready to restore your windows to the glossy, crystal clear look they were born with, give College Pro West Vancouver a call! We'd love to schedule a free estimate with our window cleaning team.

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