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Painting your home can seem like the biggest hassle in the world. Whether you are doing it yourself, or trying to find a company you can trust, the process can seem endless. West Lafayette residents are in luck. College Pro West Lafayette is a company that combines a professional paint job with next level customer service, and even a chance to become further involved in your very own West Lafayette community.

Fast, Friendly & Efficient: West Lafayette College Pro

College Pro hires local students & entrepreneurs, and trains them to be expert painters and customer service specialists. Hand picked because of their interest in small business ownership and leadership skill building, you can rest assured that the House Painters that come to your home are friendly and professional. It’s a win-win for local homeowners and individuals who wish to acquire a real world business education. By encouraging House Painters to build their own teams and procure their own projects, potential clients can feel good about the fact that the individuals who come to their home are efficient and motivated. Additionally, the payment for your home painting project will no doubt fund the future endeavors of your local entrepreneurs.

West Lafayette College Pro is committed to building and strengthening relationships between community members and local entrepreneurs. It is important these relationships are mutually beneficial, and that is why your payment is always deferred until after your project is completed in its entirety. You can feel confident that you will be left with a job well done, and be a key part in helping the future business owners of your community hone their networking and customer service skills. You’ve got the need to have your home painted, and now you know just the right company to choose. You can’t go wrong with West Lafayette College Pro.

Very professional and polite team. My windows were cleaned perfectly!

Dirk & Lorna

London, ON
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Very professional


London, ON
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