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Have you taken a good hard look at how your house looks on the outside? Is the color fading? Is the paint chipping in places? Painting the exterior of your home is a great way to keep your house looking beautiful while increasing its value. Painting your home, however, can be a tedious task. Picking the right painting products requires research and sometimes skimping on quality because of the price. Scraping and caulking requires a certain amount of skill that is attained by practice and proper instruction. The fumes from the paint can make someone feel dizzy, and working at dangerous heights is not a good idea. The hassle of clean up requires and proper disposal of the paint can be expensive and inconvenient. Save yourself the trouble by hiring the student painters of call West Greenwich College Pro. They can handle any house painting job, and can save you money in the process.

Our Employees Are Incredible

At West Greenwich College Pro, we hire college students from the community that are looking for professional experience that will help them build their resumes, network with people in the community, and earn money for their expensive educations. We receive thousands of applications each year, so we are able to select only the best and brightest of their classes. We have an intensive training program modeled after the curriculum at some of the best business schools in the United States. Our West Greenwich student painters are receiving a "Real-World MBA" when they join the West Greenwich College Pro team. They learn business management, leadership skills, customer relations, marketing, financing, and entrepreneurship. They also learn the technical skills necessary to give a professional-looking paint job to any house. So ask around and call us today. The student painters of College Pro West Greenwich are ready to serve you!

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