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Residents of Wenatchee have a lot of reasons to take great pride in their community. They have the nearby Columbia River and the beautiful Wenatchee Mountains. It’s a city that celebrates its residents and history. Any visitor that comes during the Washington State Apple Blossom Fest will see that the people of Wenatchee love their city and want to help their community thrive!

At Wenatchee College Pro, we take great pride in our community too. We work with homeowners to improve the look of their home while increasing its market value. We work with local entrepreneurs to help them become thriving members of their community. We provide a quality home painting service at an affordable price. Any homeowner in Wenatchee looking to spruce up their home without emptying their wallets should look no further than Wenatchee College Pro.

College Pro of Wenatchee

Wenatchee College Pro recruits local individuals to assemble and manage small teams of house painters. During the summer months, these teams find work and paint houses in Wenatchee neighborhoods. By hiring these individuals, we are offering them full-time employment to help finance their education and supplement their living expenses.

We spend many weeks training all of our house painters. This training is designed to help them become entrepreneurs that value quality and customer service. Our training program is based on the curriculum of the best business schools in America. We also understand, however, that many business skills can’t be taught in the confines of a classroom.

That’s why we go one step further. Wenatchee College pro is dedicated to helping these individuals gain real-world business experience. We strive to give our excellent house painters a “Real-World MBA.” Important business management and leadership skills learned in training are instantly honed and sharpened once a job begins. Our painters learn how to communicate effectively, run their small teams, and coordinate shifting schedules while providing you with unbeatable service.

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