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Let College Pro handle your next house painting project. College Pro Wellesley is equipped with the brains to highlight your home's beauty to make is as stunning as the rest of your perfect, picturesque city. Our dedicated student entrepreneurs and employees get real-life business experience and you get an upgraded, updated home. How smart is that?

College Pro is the Smart Choice

Ready to transform your home? All you need is a fresh coat of paint. Want to transform your home and invest in the future of your community? All you need is College Pro Wellesley house painting! College Pro employs Wellesley students while providing real-world experience. With competitive pricing, extensive services, and highly trained workers, College Pro Wellesley has everything you need to spruce up your home while preparing Wellesley's young businessmen and women for a bright entrepreneurial future. Our services include everything you need to upgrade your home, from a free estimate to a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind. At College Pro Wellesley, we don't collect final payment until the job is finished and you're completely satisfied.

With over 40 years of service, College Pro is the original student-run painting company, and we know what it takes to make homeowners happy and keep them that way. It's how we've achieved a 97% customer approval rating while serving some 50,000 customers across North America and given a running start to over 100,000 student entrepreneurs and painters. We've got a proven track record, and we'd love to add you and your home to our list of satisfied customers. With College Pro Wellesley houst painting, you can give back to your community while giving your house a much-needed boost. Our diligent, efficient and courteous student employees will help your home and the great city of Wellesley realize their full potential.

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Nicole Santorelli

They missed a spot, but are coming back to fix it. He came back tonight, but it started to rain. I am impressed by his work ethic.


Wellesley, MA
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The guys were very hard workers and they did a great job.


Wellesley, MA
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