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Whether your home is brand new or has been passed down from previous generations, the responsibilities of maintaining a house may seem overwhelming at times. Rest easy by calling Wellesley College Pro because we can help you take care of all your home painting needs at the fraction of the price of hiring painting professionals. At Wellesley College Pro we have been working hard for over four decades to employ college students and local entrepreneurs from your neighborhood in home painting business opportunities. By hiring a local painter, you will not only be saving money, but you will be helping a young entrepreneur gain skills that will help him or her in the classroom and in the office. By hiring our house painters you are showing them the importance of owning a home and the responsibilities required in maintaining it as a homeowner. We understand that you may be on a budget and waiting for the right time to take on the job yourself, but Wellesley College Pro is here to help you realize that our options are extremely affordable. Call today for a free estimate!

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Many college students are busy juggling a full schedule and might find it hard to take on a full time job on top of their workload, but still want the experience. In addition, local entrepreneurs are looking for professional real-world experience to add to their resumes. At Wellesley College Pro we provide management and leadership training, and real-life business experiences that will help Wellesley’s best and brightest succeed as entrepreneurs in their future endeavors. Many apply but only the best are selected to work closely with you. When you hire a College Pro Wellesley painter, you're not only helping financially, you are creating an opportunity for them to experience real world business skills that they can harness and use toward their career goals. As a homeowner, you can invest back into your community by hiring house painters from Wellesley College Pro. We can’t wait for you experience College Pro Wellesley painters for yourself and become an integral part of the the community.
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Nice to help students.


Lindsay, ON
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