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Folks of “The Rose City” know the importance of community. Welland citizens even have an annual Rose Festival that demonstrates how much this city is supported by its community members. At Welland College Pro we are a part of this city and give back to our community in a very unique way. For over forty years Welland College Pro has employed student painters from the local colleges to paint homes and businesses throughout the area. Our Welland student painters know how much College Pro respects them as valued employees and budding entrepreneurs. They also value the training and time we put into their education.

College Pro Trains Young Entrepreneurs

Our Welland student painters are from your community. They may live on your street or shop at your grocery store. They are citizens of Welland and depend on your support to finance their education and give them real-life business experience they can put on their resumes. College is expensive and living expenses have increased drastically over the past decade. Our Welland student painters are doing all they can to save money, pay for college, and gain professional experience. With the job market providing little opportunity to recent graduates, our student painters realize that any professional experience they can gain during their college years will greatly increase their chances of finding employment after graduation. We have some of the hardest working students in Welland on our team! We are proud to be a part of their professional journey and you can be proud of your home after you see the quality of work they do!

Welland Window Washers

If you have decided to use Welland College Pro for all of your home painting needs, perhaps you are interested in bundling your painting package with a window cleaning package, too! Call us today to find out more and get a free estimate!

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