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Wish you could get your house painted while benefiting your community at the same time? You can with College Pro Waukesha. We hire only the most hardworking local college students to ensure that you get amazing house painting services at affordable prices. Hiring students helps pave the way for a brighter future for all of Waukesha. Working with College Pro is the only way to keep your house looking great while keeping your community strong.

Reputable House Painting for All

When it comes to house painting, we believe that it's simply got to be done right. Everyone's experienced the pitfalls of hiring inexperienced or unprofessional painters before. From the drippy walls to the missed spots, it can be more of a hassle to fix the problems left by bad painters than to just paint your home yourself.

Here at College Pro Waukesha, our student painters are trained in the most innovative and thorough house painting techniques. You'll never have to touch up spots on your own, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our work. You can't lose! We've built our reputation around stellar work for over forty years, and we're confident that you'll be glad you chose us.

Taking Care of Business

From scheduling to painting and cleanup, our team takes care of every aspect of your house painting project. Working with us couldn't be easier. We pride ourselves on giving your house a beautiful new look without you having to lift a finger, and our student painters have a wide range of experience that makes it easy to trust them with your home.

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