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Like most home improvement projects, painting your home has fun aspects and the whole "work" part. The fun part is picking out colors, creating motifs, and dreaming about how you'd like each room in your home to look. The not-so-fun part is doing the actual painting! With College Pro Waterloo by your side, you can spend more time envisioning your dream house, and we'll do the work to make it a reality. Our business also works to give back to the community with each home that we paint, and we'd love for you to join the ranks of satisfied College Pro Waterloo customers. Let's have fun together!

Student Painters Waterloo Homeowners Can Trust

As you may have guessed from our name, College Pro hires local college students to paint homes, wash windows, and save homeowners from having to do either of those tasks themselves. Our Waterloo student painters get to engage with all levels of our company, learning how to successfully market a small business, provide quality assurance and customer satisfaction, and of course the most important one: paint houses. We rigorously train our Waterloo student painters and provide leadership training that gives them the kind of real world experience that most students don't get until after college.

The "Real World MBA"

This leadership and management training, when coupled with the hands-on experience our Waterloo student painters and window washers get within our company, ensures that they'll earn enough money to complete their college degree and graduate with the experience they need to land a great job. We call this experience our "Real World MBA" — and for over 40 years, College Pro has been helping to produce responsible and experienced future business leaders.

Turn Your House Into Your Dream Home

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