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Most homes in Waterdown are not immune from the mess left behind after a long winter. Windows are particularly susceptible to showing winter residue. Dirty windows impede light from entering your home and can make your house look dark and dingy. The professionals at College Pro Waterdown take pleasure in restoring clarity to your windows and making your home sparkle. Give College Pro Waterdown a call today to see how we can help with your window cleaning needs.

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There is nothing worse than having too many windows that are too hard to clean and nobody to clean them! The hassle of organizing everything and the time it takes to finish the job makes the whole exercise painful. College Pro Waterdown, on the other hand, makes the whole process a breeze with our dedicated team of student window cleaners. We come to your home with all the right materials and expertise, allowing you to just sit back and relax while you watch your windows shine again. There isn’t a window too high or a panel too low for us, we’ll get every last spot.

College Pro Waterdown offers window cleaning, gutter clearing, and exterior house cleaning as part of our quality service. We find many of our customers like all three services at once, especially in the spring months after a long winter. Think of all the time you will save yourself by hiring College Pro Waterdown to take care of all these jobs.

When you choose College Pro Waterdown, you are choosing to support the college students of Waterdow. We work with talented students in the area who want to experience true entrepreneurship and grasp real world business concepts. Running a successful window cleaning business takes more than just a few squeegees—you need scheduling, marketing, and problem solving skills too. We train our students to help them realize their talents and propel them into the future with a solid set of skills.

So start today, Waterdown residents. Contact College Pro to schedule your free window cleaning estimate.

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