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Waterdown College Pro is a business involved in the community because we care about improving the look and feel of our town while teaching young entrepreneurs about running a small business. Waterdown, Ontario has been expanding rapidly and as more homeowners move into the area, Waterdown College Pro wants to make sure that businesses and homeowners know that we provide an affordable painting service that they can feel good about.

How Waterdown College Pro Helps Students

Waterdown College Pro employs students from local universities and trains them to become efficient and talented home painters. That’s not all we do! We train our Waterdown student painters to improve their skills of teamwork, problem solving, communication, and leadership. Waterdown student painters learn all the basics of running a small business during their employment with Waterdown College Pro. A student painter will run a small team of other student painters where he or she will learn how to work with colleagues and customers while improving their management and leadership skills. Our Waterdown student painters deal directly with customer concerns and inquiries so that they can enhance their customer service skills. Student painters are also responsible for acquiring new customers so that they can learn about marketing and the importance of a good recommendation. Lastly, our Waterdown student painters are also in charge of scheduling their appointments so they can balance their coursework with their employment. These are all very important business skills that are not easily taught in the college classroom. Our Waterdown student painters are some of the brightest minds in the community and College Pro respects their desire to become future entrepreneurs and well-rounded citizens.

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As if our home painting services aren’t enough, we also offer window cleaning services, as well! Call us today and we can package it with your painting job and you can start saving money while helping the Waterdown community.

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