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Victoria is full of friendly people who know a thing or two about community, hospitality, and keeping this postcard-perfect city staying beautiful. Increase your home’s curb appeal by making sure your windows shine like crystal with professional window cleaning from College Pro Victoria.

Spend Your Day Doing The Things You Love

Even the most committed cleaners may have a hard time crossing off window cleaning from their to-do list. Why labor away when you could be taking in the views in one of the city’s many gardens and parks or grabbing a bite down at Fisherman’s Wharf? A truly thorough job includes so much more than just washing the surface of the windows. There’s debris to remove from gutters, screens and storms to clean, and eaves and siding that could probably use some power washing too. Who has time for all that? College Pro Victoria does. Our student workers enjoy making your windows sparkle and gleam like the waters of the Pacific.

From the time they join the College Pro team to the time they graduate, our students will have earned invaluable hands-on experience in labor and business management that help them succeed in their future careers. By choosing College Pro Victoria for your next window cleaning project, you’ll be helping local students accomplish their goals of paying for college and moving towards long-term career success. While we work hard to rejuvenate your home, you can grab some poutine, go kayaking, or head to the Inner Harbor and can feel good while doing it. Not only will you be making a positive contribution to our students’ finances and work experience, but you’ll also be stimulating the local economy. We’ve crunched the numbers, and over 90% of the money earned from College Pro goes directly back into the local economy.

With College Pro Victoria, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Call us today for a free window cleaning estimate!

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Rowan Huff Froese

Very satisfactory


Victoria, BC
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Windows very clean. If you get what you pay for, that explains why it seemed quite expensive.


Victoria, BC
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