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Education has been one of the focal points of discussion lately, and for good reason. With tuition costs rising, it's becoming increasingly difficult to afford a college education. Over 40 years ago, we founded College Pro as a way to give students jobs that helped them earn money to offset rising tuition costs while acquiring hands-on business experience that will give them a leg up in the competitive business world after graduation. It's a business model that works remarkably well, and has made us the internationally recognized company we are today! If you're in the market for quality, dependable house painting services, look no further than College Pro Vancouver.

Vancouver House Painters Who Care

We very selectively hire our Vancouver house painters, ensuring that you can trust your home painting project to capable painters who will deliver the exact finished product you have in mind. In addition to painting homes, we engage our house painters with leadership and management training seminars that give them the know-how they need to play greater roles in our company. From leading marketing initiatives to ensuring customer satisfaction with each job, our house painters get the kind of hands-on experience that is sorely lacking in most formal college educations. Between earning money to offset rising expenses and gaining valuable firsthand business experience, College Pro Vancouver offers entrepreneuers a rare opportunity. Choosing our house painters to take care of your painting needs constitutes a vote of confidence in our future leaders, many of whom work for College Pro!

Open Your Mind Up To The Possibilities

No matter how much work you put into keeping your home looking great, it will need to be painted from time to time. Instead of thinking, ""Oh great, time to have the house painted again,"" we encourage our customers to think, ""How could we paint our home differently to make it even better?"" Our house painters can turn any dream you have into a reality, so having your house painted is a great opportunity to rethink color schemes and design a whole new look that will make you proud to call it home. Once you're ready to get started, give us a call to schedule a free in-home estimate — we can't wait to make your home look even nicer!

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