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Hey Vancouverites! If your house feels like it's missing something and you can't quite place your finger on it, we think we know what it may be. College Pro Vancouver has been offering affordable and high quality painting services for over 40 years, helping to restore homes to their original luster — or give your home a whole new look. We hire and rigorously train our Vancouver student painters on the latest painting techniques, ensuring that you get an amazing paint job at an affordable price. It all starts with a free estimate, so give us a call today. You've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain!

Student Painters Vancouver Home Owners Can Trust

Besides saving you lots of money, our Vancouver student painters are organized into teams led by students that essentially operate as independent small businesses. Through this process, the students engage in ever aspect of the business process, learning valuable skills that they can carry throughout the rest of their lives. Giving hardworking Vancouver students this kind of real world experience helps ensure that the next generation of Vancouver business owners are responsible and capable to continue our city's impressive growth. It all starts with getting your house painted, but choosing College Pro Vancouver truly does benefit the community.

So Much More Than Painting

Even after your home has been bathed in many coats of fresh paint, dirty windows can still put a damper on your home's overall aesthetic. Since our painters are already working on your home, we can save you time and money by bundling our window cleaning service and getting both jobs done at the same time! Second story windows are notoriously difficult and dangerous to clean, so leave the work to us and come home to a brighter, cleaner new home!

The Choice Is Easy: College Pro Vancouver

Affordable prices, stellar work, and community betterment — we think the choice is easy. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

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