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Thinking about getting your home painted? We know how difficult it can be to find painters who are reliable, skilled, and respectful of you and your home. Relying on word of mouth is one of the only ways to really know what you're getting into, and no painting company is more talked about than College Pro. Often equipped with skilled teams of house painters from local universities like Valparaiso University, College Pro Valparaiso has earned a reputation as the place to go when you need high quality painting at affordable rates. Whether you want the whole exterior of your home painted or just need a new color for your kitchen, we can do it all. No project is too big or too small!

From Popcorn to Painting

You wouldn't necessarily think that a town that holds an annual Popcorn Festival would be home to such a vibrant art scene, but Valparaiso has both. With the Brauer Museum of Art lending inspiration to the art students at Valparaiso University, it's no wonder many of our house painters love taking on the creative challenge of mixing colors and creating the perfect hues for your home. Whether you want fresh coats of existing colors or have dream shades in mind, our house painters can bring your dreams to life.

Trust The Name

Four decades ago, College Pro started from humble beginnings. Now there are College Pro franchises in communities like Valparaiso all over the United States and Canada. College Pro has earned a reputation for great work, friendly painters, and affordable prices. And with each franchise operating independently and locally, you can feel good about supporting a local small business.

It's easy to put off having your home painted, but leaving the work to College Pro means you'll be enjoying your freshly painted home without having to lift a finger. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate with our Valparaiso house painters. You'll be glad you did.

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We had this service last year and we want it again next year. Best looking windows on the street.

David & Susan

Ajax, ON
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A thorough and professional job was done and both workers were polite and cordial.


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