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There are plenty of benefits to having your home professionally painted. A quality paint job can increase your curb appeal, help weatherproof your walls and siding, and save you the time and hassle of painting yourself. Another great reason to hire a professional painting company would be if it helped your local community. Choosing Tinley Park College Pro does just that. Tinley Park College Pro only hires locals living and studying in Tinley Park and trains them to expertly paint your home. All the while, these individuals will be acquiring real world business skills necessary for their future success. College Pro believes in pairing homeowners and community members with local entrepenuers to build a better community. If you are ready to have your home painted and help foster a new generation of entrepreneurs in Tinley Park, then College Pro is the company you should hire for your next painting project.

The Perfect Time, The Perfect Company

College Pro carefully chooses its House Painters from a large number of applicants. Employees must be friendly, professional, and eager to learn more about leadership and networking. House Painters are encouraged to form their own teams and procure their own projects. This ensures that you will receive the absolute best in service. Tinley Park College Pro is just as committed to strengthening communities as it is to a job well done. You can be assured that your home painting project will adhere to the highest industry standards. Payment is always deferred until after your project is completed and College Pro is confident with the result.

By working with Tinley Park College Pro House Painters you can expect the absolute best that a home painting company has to offer. It also allows you to invest in the future of your own neighborhood. Call Tinley Park College Pro to get started today.

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Windows were fine....bright and shiny....I specifically requested that while they had the windows apart that they clean the sills....attached pictures show the living room window, master bath sills....was it too much to expect that they would be cleaned as well? Seems I can't attach pictures so I will email them to you separately!


Ridgeway, ON
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They did a great job.


Victoria, BC
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