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There is nothing like having windows that are clean and free of the grime that can accumulate over the winter. Clean windows are often an overlooked part of home maintenance, but in reality they can make a huge difference to a room and your home. You need clean windows to truly appreciate the beauty of Thornton from your home. This summer, get the College Pro team on the job to make your house a home with clean, sparkling windows.

Experience and Enthusiasm

With over 40 years of window cleaning experience, we have cleaned nearly any type of home or window. If your home has several stories, we can handle it. If meticulous cleaning work is required for an old, ornate window, we have it covered. Our window cleaning technicians have a keen eye for window grime and will go to any length to see it gone. College Pro Thornton works with highly competent, motivated, and detail oriented college students that have chosen to take control of their futures.

When it comes to cleaning your home, you want to make sure it’s done right. College Pro takes pride in the quality work they do including cleaning windows, clearing gutters, and power washing your house. Our student entrepreneurs work in a professional manner to make sure your are 100% satisfied with the job. With a 97% customer referral rate, we have the numbers to prove we are doing a pretty good job keeping our customers happy.

Choosing College Pro Thornton to clean your windows is not only going to get your house looking amazing, it is going to employ local students. All of the students that we work with are interested in entrepreneurship and aspire to own and run their own small business in the future. Working with College Pro Thornton is the best choice for your home and your community.

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You did a great job cleaning the window frames and getting rid of the algae stains. Great job!


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