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Thornton, Ontario is a picturesque hamlet that prides itself on it’s rural image, fertile soils, and Thornton Tigers. People that live in Thornton understand that it is a commitment to community that makes their town a wonderful place to raise a family, start a small business, or buy a first home. At College Pro Thornton we believe in preserving the quaint beauty of Thornton while encouraging young entrepreneurs to learn new skills and succeed in the business world.

Make Thornton a Better Place

College Pro Thornton has employed student painters from local colleges and universities to offer an affordable home painting service. Our intensive training not only teaches students the proper techniques of painting but how to become managers and leaders. Our College Pro Thornton student painters are using the money they make to finance their educations. With the rising cost of tuition, students these days are struggling to pay for their books, living expenses, and even commuting costs. Thornton College Pro is giving Thornton student painters an opportunity to stay out of college loan debt while gaining real-life business experience. Many universities these days give students classroom experience but don’t often give their students an opportunity to apply their budding business skills in the real world. Thornton College Pro wants to offer real business experience for these bright and enthusiastic Thornton student painters.

Support Higher Education

For over forty years Thornton College Pro has been working with students in the community, homeowners, and business owners providing a quality service for an affordable price. You can feel as though you are not only beautifying your community when you choose to paint you home, but that you are also supporting higher education in Thornton. Call Thornton College Pro today to get a free estimate.

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