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Near the great city of Montreal, Terrebonne has many beautiful buildings and homes that make it uniquely Quebec. One of the best ways to ensure your home looks its best is house painting. College Pro has been helping Terrebonne keep houses looking great while providing employment for local college students for years. If your home needs a full exterior paint job or even just a few interior rooms done, look into what College Pro Terrebonne can do for you.

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Before we go into how amazing your home will look after College Pro Terrebonne is done with the job, let’s look at what your business does for your local economy and community. College Pro works with the highly motivated college students of Terrebonne with the entrepreneurial motivation to do quality work in a professional manner. We work with students who are looking to further develop their organizational, managerial, and planning skills. We train our student painters for more than just successfully completing house painting projects. We prepare them to run a small business of their own.

The winters in Quebec are notably tough on paint, but the summer heat can be equally strenuous on a home’s exterior. The range of temperature and moisture experienced in Terrebonne makes regular painting necessary to protect the value of your home. The paint we use also needs to be able to contract and expand as the seasons change. At College Pro Terrebonne, we can’t stress how important the use of quality of products is when it comes to painting your home. Combining quality products with quality workmanship is equally important. Because of that, we specialize in the most up to date techniques in paint application—ensuring the job lasts through the seasons.

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Votre représentant est très courtois et le travail était bien réalisé. Un seul point a améliorer, l'opération de nettoyage a laissé des débris sur le plancher près des fenêtres qui n'ont pas été ramassé. Les travailleurs doivent quitter les lieux quand tout est propre comme a l'arrivée. Bravo a l'équipe de Loic Lavallé-Mercier!

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Jeune homme très poli et professionnel.


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