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Terrebonne student painters are working hard every summer to paint houses in the community. They are trying to gain as much business experience as they can before they graduate and start having to look for careers. Terrebonne College Pro is working with these student painters to provide them with all of the technical and business skills necessary to essentially run a small business of their very own. While Terrebonne College Pro provides the training and supplies, our Terrebonne student painters are taking care of all the rest. We spend the academic school year training them in leadership and management skills, as well as how to paint a home just like the professionals that charge hundreds of dollars more than Terrebonne College Pro. In the summertime, our Terrebonne student painters can work up to 50 hours a week running their own painting teams and managing all of their customer relations.

We Don’t Send Them Out Until They’re Ready!

At Terrebonne College Pro we realize that some things can’t be taught in the classroom. We feel that experience is the best teacher but we also understand that when our customers hire Terrebonne College Pro for their home painting needs, they are expecting a professional service with professional results. That’s why we take the time to make sure our students are adequately trained in our classrooms so that they are ready to run their teams in the summer. We help them every step of the way and even offer a College Pro business coach that can advise them throughout the year. These coaches have been Terrebonne student painters in the past and our team appreciates their knowledge!

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