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Terre Haute is the perfect combination of bustling college town energy and small city, Midwestern community. Home to Indiana State University, Terre Haute residents take pride in quality education and preparing students to infuse that business prowess back into the community in a meaningful, beneficial way. College Pro Terre Haute is honored to lend a hand in this process by providing the long-time residents of the community access to high quality residential house painting from students needing and wanting invaluable work experience in their own community.

Brighten Up Your Home

College Pro Terre Haute offers residents a chance to brighten up their home with a fresh coat of paint when it is needed most. Harsh winter months can wreak havoc on the exterior paint of your home, causing chips and peeling just as the weather starts to turn warm again. College pro Terre Haute marries the 40 years of experience with the desire to provide hands-on business experience to the brightest students of the Terre Haute community. Customers of College Pro’s Terre Haute house painting are directly influencing the future of the city by giving college students the means, training, and motivation to provide a valuable service back to Terre Haute residents.

College Pro Terre Haute takes ample time with employees to ensure they have the business knowledge and house painting skills necessary to complete only top notch work. A job with College Pro Terre Haute provides students with real life experience they can’t receive in the classroom. You can rest assured that your work will be completed with professionalism all while you help build the business men and women of the future. College Pro Terre Haute takes pride in the complete satisfaction of our customers. Your house painting project will be completed with the greatest level of care from students who can take pride in enhancing their own community. Contact College Pro Terre Haute today!

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Windows looked great and the crew was on time and got the job done well. One thing was that our front door window and sidelights were not cleaned, which I figured was included in the total cost. Not the end of the world but I was a bit surprised - however, I would hire them again. Thanks Matt


Mississauga, ON
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Votre représentant est très courtois et le travail était bien réalisé. Un seul point a améliorer, l'opération de nettoyage a laissé des débris sur le plancher près des fenêtres qui n'ont pas été ramassé. Les travailleurs doivent quitter les lieux quand tout est propre comme a l'arrivée. Bravo a l'équipe de Loic Lavallé-Mercier!

Matthew And Rebecca

Orford, QC
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