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You don’t need to look any further than the Terre Haute Arts Corridor to know that style and artistic expression are integral parts of the Terre Haute community. Whether you visit many of the local art galleries on Seventh Street or stop into the Swope Art Museum to look at the works of Andy Warhol, you don't have to go far to see great art. Here at College Pro Terre Haute, we bring art even closer with our home painting services! Our house painters typically come from nearby universities such as Indiana State University and offer high quality painting at rates that can't be beat by our competitors. If you're ready to add a new sense of style to your home, look no further than College Pro Terre Haute.

Professional Painting for Less

Don't let the term "college" in College Pro deter you. The work we do is of the utmost quality and even backed by a two-year warranty. All of our house painters are trained in every step of the painting process. These self-motivated individuals love being presented with the creative challenge of bringing out the best in your home. If you're tired of coming home to the same old house every day, our house painters would love to help you reimagine how your home can look. Let us give you a home that will make the rest of Terre Haute jealous.

Giving Back to the Community

Now more than ever, getting a college degree is expensive. For many Terre Haute residents, it's hard to find a job that gives you valuable experience while paying fair wages to help pay for higher education. College Pro teaches our employees how to successfully run a small business while sharpening skills they’ll need to succeed in the business world. Our house painters can't wait to get to work on your home. Call College Pro Terre Haute today to schedule a free estimate.

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