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Tacoma is considered to be one of the most livable areas in the country. Not only is it extremely beautiful but it also has many museums and cultural activities. Tacoma College Pro has been involved in Washington State for over forty years and helping Tacoma homeowners find affordable painting services that won’t require them to sacrifice quality or time. Tacoma College Pro hires college students and local entrepreneurs to paint local homes (interior and exterior) while training them in business management skills that will follow them into their college classrooms and professional careers.

A Painting Service We Guarantee

Tacoma College Pro trains our employees to become proficient painters. We teach them the entire process from preparation to cleanup. There are 5 steps to our quality paint jobs that include surface preparation, priming, painting, cleanup, and inspection. All of our Tacoma student and entrepreneur painters are highly efficient at each step of our process. You can hire Tacoma College Pro and feel confident that you are receiving a quality service at an affordable price. We offer a customer service center where you can voice any concerns or praises about our Tacoma house painters. Most importantly, we give our customers our guarantee. All painting services we provide comes with a 2-year warranty from the day of your appointment. We do not collect any payments on a project until you are completely satisfied.

Continue the Restoration of Tacoma

Tacoma recently restored its urban waterfront and gave its citizens a wonderful example of what kind of improvements can be made with the support of the community. Follow the city’s example and start the restoration on your home. There’s no better way to make a house look better than applying fresh paint to the exterior. It will improve the quality of your home, your neighborhood, and ultimately the entire Tacoma community!

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