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Superior is a nature lover’s haven, so the residents here know about living in a place they can be proud of. For many homeowners, that feeling extends to the state of their homes. But keeping everything clean and pristine isn’t an easy task when extreme weather and environmental elements take a toll on your lodgings. While the handling the maintenance yourself might seem like a good option, the hidden costs of this time-consuming work prevent homeowners from getting the job done.

That’s where we come in. College Pro Superior can spruce up the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint and polish your windows until they have that crystalline shine.

Superior Service Starts With College Pro

There’s a lot more that goes into house painting and window cleaning than meets the eye—moving furniture, caulking, clearing gutters, sanding, and hanging out on ladders for hours. These maintenance duties are best left to the pros. Our dedicated house painters are specially trained to give top-notch service. When you contract us, you also support their college educations while facilitating a “real world MBA” for everyone involved. The money they earn is spent on schools and shops throughout the community, and the training they receive teaches them everything they need to know to be the business visionaries of tomorrow.

While College Pro has many locations throughout the US and Canada and over 40 years of experience for local communities like Superior, our locally run business is an independently owned franchise that serves the small town. When you work with College Pro, you're giving back to your local community!

Your satisfaction is our priority. See your Superior home transform with a bright new coat of paint on the outside or a new color scheme in the dining room. There’s no project too big or too small for our dedicated team. Give us a call today for your free house painting and window cleaning estimates!

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