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Storrs residents know a thing or two about keeping their homes looking great. They also understand the satisfaction of a job well done. Why not hold up the companies you do business with to these same sterling standards of your community? If you’re looking to have your home professionally painted while building lasting relationships with the future leaders of your Storrs community, there's no better choice than hiring House Painters from Storrs College Pro.

Small Business Owners in the Making

College Pro is a company that hires local House Painters who are committed to learning more about small business ownership and leadership skills. College Pro hires only the most friendly and motivated individuals to paint your home and provide you with excellent customer service. By helping students delve into a real world education, Storrs College Pro hopes to create lasting ties between current community members. If you are ready to get started on your home painting project, and looking for something more than just a standard business transaction, you know exactly who to call.

You’ll love the look of your freshly painted home, and the opportunity to connect with local students. It’s a situation you can truly feel good about. Much of your payment will go to helping our House Painters’ school expenses and college tuition - while also funding the endeavors of the non-student entrepreneurs we work with. Storrs College Pro is committed to providing you with a job well done, and a community relationship that benefits the future of Storrs itself.

Storrs College Pro encourages House Painters to build their own teams and seek out their own jobs. This additional motivation ensures each and every job will be a positive experience from start to finish. College Pro also adheres to the highest of industry standards. Your payment is always deferred until after your project is completely finished and you are completely satisfied. Call today to discuss the scope of your project and to learn more about Connecticut’s very own Storrs College Pro House Painters.

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Very good job.

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