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Painting a house can be hard work. First, you have to prepare the surface. That involves pressure washing and handling advanced equipment. Second, you need to caulk or putty around every window and crack. The next steps are scraping and sanding. If you don’t already own those specialized tools, this step also involves a trip to the hardware store. Then you need to prime, paint, and on top of that, put on the finishing coat. Let’s not even get into the clean up!

Stanwood College Pro understands that the average homeowner doesn’t want to take on the daunting and challenging task of painting their home. But we also understand that not all homeowners can afford a professional home painting service. At Stanwood College Pro, our house painters can provide quality home painting services at an affordable price.

How We Keep Our Prices Low

At Stanwood College Pro, we hire entrepreneurs from the area to run small painting teams in the various neighborhoods of the city. Professionals train our Stanwood house painters to use the proper techniques and processes required for a quality paint job. We also offer training in business management and leadership skills so that our employees can excel as entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs have extremely busy semesters during the academic year. In the summer, many are looking for employment to help them finance their education. Stanwood College Pro provides an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to earn money while also giving them a chance to gain real-world business experience. This kind of education can’t be taught in a classroom. That’s where homeowners can help! Not only will you be saving money by hiring Stanwood College Pro, but you will also be providing educational opportunities to bright entrepreneurs in the Stanwood area. Call us today for your free estimate and see how much money you can save!

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