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The feeling that you get when you have a freshly painted home and professionally cleaned windows is truly amazing, but what if you could further improve on that experience by hiring a company that truly cares about your community? College Pro St. Catharines is a company that hires local student painters and window washers who are in the process of learning more about small business ownership and community involvement. When you hire a painter or window washer from College Pro St. Catharines, you are contributing in multiple ways to the real world education of local Ontario students. If you are looking for a perfectly updated home and a truly rewarding experience, look no further than College Pro St. Catharines.

Real Quality Service, Real World Experience

College Pro St. Catharines takes special care to choose students who are friendly, attentive and committed to learning more about customer service relations. You can rest assured that every individual who comes to your home is highly trained and extremely efficient. Student painters and window washers are also encouraged to form their own teams and procure their own jobs, so you know that your business if of utmost importance to them.

Help your community by helping College Pro St. Catharines student workers build lasting relationships with you and procure real world business skills. It’s a choice you can truly feel good about. Not to mention, your payment is always deferred until after your project is completely finished. You’ll love the look and feel of your freshly painted home, and your payment will have been invested directly back into your community via a local students tuition payments and school expenses. College Pro St. Catharines is a company that has St. Catharines ideals in mind, become a part of an important process that brings your neighborhood closer together today.

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Sydney Shugan

Everything was good.


Eugene, OR
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My experience was that I appreciated that I felt like I got exactly what I paid for. I felt like Max and Dakota knew what they were doing, they reviewed our project, and worked together to get our price which was significantly less than two other quotes we received. They were very appreciative and responsible with the trash they managed throughout the process. They were very respectful of our property, and they self-managed the quality. There were some things they showed me that they had to go back for and fix, and I didn't have to police the quality of the work.


Whitefish Bay, WI
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