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Spruce Grove College Pro wants to help the community look better and take pride in their homes. We have been serving the Spruce Grove community for over forty years and take pride in setting up college students with jobs that help improve the quality of their neighborhoods. We deliver a quality service for the fraction of the price offered by other competitors. In addition, when you hire Spruce Grove student painters you can feel good about giving enthusiastic entrepreneurs a chance to succeed and getting a professional-quality paint job on the exterior or interior of your home. We give Spruce Grove student painters a chance to gain management and leadership training as well as real world business experience. We pride ourselves in our commitment to Spruce Grove. We a local company that is backed up nationally! Our business thrives because of the recommendations that are given due to our professional demeanor and quality service!

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Our Spruce Grove student painters are respectful and enthusiastic about delivering a quality service you can count on. We promise that you will be satisfied with our employees and supplies. At Spruce Grove College Pro we believe we are investing in the future of Spruce Grove. Not only are our Spruce Grove student painters some of the best in their class but we also provide homeowners with the opportunity to invest back in their community by hiring Spruce Grove student painters from your very own neighborhoods. Perhaps you may get to know folks that you didn’t even know lived on your street! Alberta takes pride in its wilderness and communities. Help your community improve by giving your home some love and affection and also providing your community youth with opportunities to succeed! Call Spruce Grove College Pro today!

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You guys were very professional, kept quiet and out of the way.


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