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Spokane is known for the large variety of neighborhoods that make up this wonderful city. Spokane College Pro wants to revamp the homes that make up these unique areas while supporting our local college students and entrepreneurs in their educational and business endeavors. Spokane College Pro provides home painting services to homeowners in the Spokane region at an affordable price without having to sacrifice quality or time.

Strengthen Spokane Community

Spokane is a unique city. It has all the amenities of a large city with the traditions and atmosphere of a small town. Because of this small town feel, there are many ways that residents of Spokane can get involved in their community. Whether you own a home in Riverside, Browne’s Addition, or Hillyard, we can set you up with Spokane house painters that are college students and entrepreneurs from these very same neighborhoods. Our Spokane house painters are looking for opportunities to contribute to their city, enhance their college curriculum, and learn new business skills that have real-world application. By hiring Spokane College Pro, you can rest easy knowing that you have improved the beauty of your neighborhood by putting fresh coats of paint on your family home. All of your neighbors will appreciate the improvement and want to beautify their own homes, as well. We are confident in the service that we offer. Many of our past customers come to us time and time again for their home painting needs. We also depend on the wonderful recommendations that pass on from one neighbor to the next.

Professional House Painters

Our Spokane house painters are an enthusiastic bunch. They are striving to become entrepreneurs and top students in their classes. They want to provide you with a professional service and will treat you and your home with the utmost respect. Call Spokane College Pro today to receive a free estimate!

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