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You already know that Sherwood Park has all the comforts of a close-knit hamlet with all the amenities of modern urban life. College Pro understands Sherwood Park is a wonderful place to call home. By choosing College Pro Sherwood Park for you next house painting project, you're choosing the best option for you while helping your community. Hiring College Pro helps local college students earn the money and experience they need to become Sherwood Park’s future entrepreneurial leaders.

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We know you have many choices when it comes to having your Sherwood Park house painted. That's why affordability and quality come standard with College Pro’s house painting services. College Pro will always deliver above industry standard work from well-trained Sherwood Park students at low costs College Pro Sherwood Park provides free estimates and a 2-year warranty on all of our exterior house painting projects, and we do not collect final payment on any house painting or window cleaning until you are completely satisfied. Our energetic, dedicated, and skilled Sherwood Park house painters will work hard to deliver the service and value that you deserve.

Our painters dig deep to make your house shine. Each painting job begins with a deep clean of your exterior. A anything else that's stifling your home's potential is then scraped and sanded away. Our student workers take pride in a job well done from start to finish, and after our own professional inspection we welcome you to carefully inspect the finished job. College Pro has staked its reputation on excellent care and craftsmanship for over 40 years. And as a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, we follow all safety and waste disposal regulations. You can trust College Pro's ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs and house painters to treat your home as the prized possession it is. The best part of partnering with College Pro Sherwood Park is that 90% of the benefit attributes locally. Invest in your home and your community with College Pro Sherwood Park.

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The young people who work for College Pro do well with the window cleaning. They are hard working.


Calgary, AB
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You may want to think about your pricing, I've heard several of my neighbours have paid recently for window cleaning services, less than $200. Although a great job was done today. Thank you.


Calgary, AB
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