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Alberta has some of the prettiest sceneries in the entire world but it also has its share of severe weather. It’s easy for houses in Sherwood Park to become chipped and faded over the years. As homeowners, we have a responsibility to keep our houses in good shape so that our families and neighbors are proud to visit. Sherwood Park College Pro can set you up with smart students that have been trained in house painting and customer service. We are a local company that has been around for over 40 years in order to help college students in the Sherwood Park area gain management and leadership skills while helping to finance their educations. Not only are we training young entrepreneurs in your community but we are also helping improve the look and quality of Sherwood Park.

Painting Homes Can Be Hard!

Here at Sherwood Park College Pro we understand that painting can be a tricky task! Our Sherwood Park student painters are highly skilled at painting both interior and exterior walls of homes. Why take the trouble of buying all of the supplies, working during your entire weekend, and then having to deal with the mess and fumes of paint? If you call Sherwood Park College Pro we will take care of all of your home painting needs! Sherwood Park student painters provide a quality service at an affordable price. All of our Sherwood Park student painters take pride in what they do because they know they are gaining the leadership and management experience to make them successful entrepreneurs in the future. This real-life business experience is not something that can be replicated in the college classrooms. So rest assured knowing that you are helping to further the education of bright young students from the Sherwood Park community! The students and your neighbors will thank you!

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CJ and the crew were careful, neat and very accommodating.


Calgary, AB
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CJ and his 2 female crew were excellent. Very careful and efficient in their work. Had a good system and worked well.


Calgary, AB
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