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Schaumburg may be a short drive from Chicago, but it is so much more than just another suburb. Beyond all of the fantastic stores and restaurants that draw people in from all over the area, Schaumburg is known for its beautiful homes. These beautiful homes can require a lot of maintenance, but College Pro Schaumburg is here to at least make any home painting project a breeze.

Our teams of local house painters come from nearby universities and use their College Pro jobs to help finance their higher education. Choosing College Pro isn't just a way to get your home painted quickly and affordably—it's a way to give back to the community and help the next generation of leaders achieve their dreams.

College Pro's Real-World MBA

What makes College Pro Schaumburg such a unique company is our dedication to our house painters. We make sure they get more than just a paycheck out of working for us. We offer our house painters innovative management and leadership training that gives them real hands-on experience within our company. Through these training initiatives, our house painters get the kind of real world experience in business that can yield long term benefits for their community. We're proud of the difference we make in the lives of Schaumburg students, and we're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to be a part of it.

Making Your House More of a Home

People move to Schaumburg to buy their first home and start a life. Many people, however, move into homes that have had previous owners. A great way to make an older place feel like your own is throw some paint on the walls. A fresh coat of paint can really make a house feel completely new. Our Schaumburg house painters would love to work with you and help you turn your house into something that’s entirely yours.

See The College Pro Difference

We're proud of our work, and we'd love for you to experience the College Pro difference! Call College Pro Schaumburg today to schedule a free estimate.

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