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If you need your windows cleaned but don’t know where to start, how about getting local college students on the job? After the winter thaw, there is always residue from snow and ice that leaves windows looking old and murky. Having a team of professionals performing a full window cleaning service can do wonders for your home. No window is too dirty or too high for College Pro Scarborough. We have the equipment, the training, and expertise to always deliver high quality results. We love transforming peoples homes and letting the light in!

Crystal Clear in Scarborough

College Pro doesn’t just make a difference for your windows when we come to your home; we make a direct impact on the local student economy. Our student employees take pride in their work, as they know they are helping to brighten your home and their futures. College Pro employees take complete ownership of our services, from the initial free consultation to the completion of the project. They are even responsible for the scheduling, marketing, and all over aspects of planning. Choosing College Pro window cleaning is choosing to invest in Scarborough’s students.

It’s in the Details

Window cleaning is often a huge undertaking for a household, especially if the home is two stories. A myriad of buckets, ladders, soap, and squeegees can be tiresome and even dangerous if you are inexperienced. With over 40 years of experience cleaning windows in Canada and the United States, we know the skills need to perform a quality job. We make sure to get every last bit of soot and dirt from your windows, allowing you to enjoy every bit of daylight you deserve after a long winter. If that sounds like something you have been waiting for, contact College Pro Scarborough today!

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Lukas Hoeft

They could have done a better job cleaning the windows.


Toronto, ON
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Thye did a great job as per customer who is satisfied. She will recommend College Pro for sure. May be interested in windows cleaning again next year around the month of may.


Peterborough, ON
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