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Salem residents know the value of an attractive, well kept home. A fresh paint job or window cleaning is the perfect way to keep your house looking vibrant and expertly maintained. For most, a large, home maintenance project is a messy experience best left for the professionals. Lucky for you, there’s a great way to complete your home paint job or window cleaning by hiring local and inexpensive painters with a purpose. College Pro Salem house painters are fast, efficient and an important part of your community. Not to mention the future entrepreneurs of your local Salem economy!

A Company You Can Trust

College Pro is a company that began over 40 years ago as an idea of how to outfit local students and entrepreneurs with quick business experience and a “real world MBA” they could take with them as they began their careers. Today, the company has grown quite large and continues to add locations as demand increases. With College Pro Salem, you become an important part of teaching students about leadership and management and giving entrepreneurs real world business experience while they in turn provide a service that you require. It’s a win-win that promotes lasting relationships between local homeowners and local professionals that everyone can be proud of.

Now, when you start thinking about how nice a new paint color would look in your home, or how your windows are looking a bit streaky, you can call up College Pro Salem. Committed to superior quality and friendly, efficient service- house painters are an excellent choice. There’s never been a better time to get started on your home maintenance project, call today to schedule a consultation. Before you know it you’ll be enjoying the benefits of perfectly executed home maintenance project, all the while giving back to the community in which you live.

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The yong men were polite and attentive to us. They did a great job on the windows.

Rory & Kathy

Ottawa, ON
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Very well done. The clean-up was done very well as well.


Victoria, BC
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