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Regina is an incredibly beautiful city to live in. From the uniqueness of each season to the ever-changing foliage, Regina is a city that exudes natural beauty. Unfortunately, the changing seasons really tax your home's paint and cause cracks, decoloration, and even loss of paint. To combat this, College Pro Regina offers painting services that are guaranteed to keep your home protected from the elements and looking as beautiful and well-kept as possible. We employ local university students to do the painting and coordinate our painting teams — helping you save money while giving local students a valuable opportunity to learn our business from the inside out. We employ the best Regina student painters, and we can't wait to get to work on your home painting project!

Protecting Your Investment

Not all houses are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The extremes in weather that Saskatchewan experience cause cracks, decoloration, and paint erosion — all of which compromise the integrity of your home's exterior. When too much paint is lost, moisture from rain or thawing snow can turn any exposed wood into the perfect home for termites and other pests. Rather than give insects a place to live rent free, hire our Regina student painters to keep the exterior of your home in tip-top shape. Your home will look amazing, feel amazing, and most importantly: no termites.

Providing Honest Jobs For Regina's Hardest Working Students

Painting isn't any easy job, but our Regina student painters love what they do. Painting for College Pro is a great way to beautify Regina's many tree-lined streets while earning a paycheck that makes it possible to keep up with ever rising tuition and textbook costs. The world needs more jobs that are geared towards supporting college students and providing them the skills and experience they need to confidently apply for a variety of different jobs after graduating.

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