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Painting your own house seems like a manageable chore. But, after your tenth trip up and down the ladder, the extra trips to the store for more brushes, and the endless touch-ups, that manageable chore can prove to be an unwieldy mess. Let someone else do the dirty work and call College Pro Rapid City house painting. The original student-run painting company will do the job right at the right price! College Pro gives Rapid City students valuable, real-world entrepreneurial experience and allows them to pay for their education. It's win-win when you call College Pro.

House Painting Has Never Been Easier, Rapid City!

At College Pro, we know that you have a choice when it comes to house painting services in Rapid City. That's why affordability and quality always come with College Pro’s house painting services. College Pro will deliver results from well-trained Rapid City professionals at low costs, ensuring you'll be proud of the way your house looks. College Pro Rapid City provides free estimates and a 2-year warranty on all of our exterior house painting projects, and we do not collect final payment on any house painting until you are completely satisfied.

Our energetic, dedicated, and skilled Rapid City house painters will work hard to deliver the service and value that you deserve. Our student entrepreneurs are expertly trained and diligently monitored to ensure that both you are proud of the finished product. Our painters dig deep to make your house shine. They start with a deep clean of your exterior by scraping and sanding away anything else that's stifling your home's potential. Our student workers take pride in a job well done from start to finish. With 40 years of experience, you can trust College Pro's ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs and house painters to treat your home as the prized possession it is. The best part of partnering with College Pro is that 90% of the money made by our Rapid City team gets funneled back into the local economy. Invest in your home and your community with College Pro Rapid City house painting.

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Polite, pleasant and conscientious all three workers. Very pleased with the standard of the job they did.


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