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Imagine if having your house painted could have a positive effect on your community — and not just by adding a brighter, shinier house to your street. Here at College Pro, we've built our business around this very concept! College Pro connects hardworking Rapid City student painters and entrepreneurs with homeowners looking for affordable house painting. Beyond the direct connection of creating jobs that help students pay for their tuition and other university expenses, our business generates money that goes right back into other local businesses — creating a better Rapid City for us all. If you're ready to get your house painted and contribute to creating a more educated and prosperous Rapid City, give College Pro a call today!

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They were on time and sent helpful reminders. People who came were lovely. Some streaks and patches left over but nothing was broken and they were careful, gentle and courteous.


Victoria, BC
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Martin Was very friendly and professional. I was impressed right from the date he knocked on my door to provide a quote. He even cleaned our skylights on our roof for no extra cost, when he was on the roof cleaning the gutters.


Etobicoke, ON
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