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A great paint job can completely transform the interior or exterior of your home. A professional paint job can instantly increase your curb appeal, update your home’s look, and give your home a fresh new style. No matter what your reasons for painting your home may be, there’s a great way to complete your project while giving back to your community with College Pro Portland house painters.

A Real World Education They Can Use

"College Pro is a company that is dedicated to teaching real world, business management skills to students and entrepreneurs located right in your very own community. Hand picked for their hard working and friendly attitudes, College Pro house painters are training to become an integral part of your community. By using payment to cover tuition fees and school expenses for students and providing experience for entrepreneurs, your money is going right back into the city in which you live. Portland house painters are encouraged to think big and organize their own house painting teams, making connections with local community members and homeowners. By making the conscious decision to hire local house painters you are giving back to Portland and investing in the cities next generation. Now that’s a decision you can truly feel good about.

College Pro Portland house painters are focused on learning more about real world entrepreneurship, but are also adept at providing a quality paint job for your home. They know the importance of a job done well and are the perfect choice when it comes to painting or re-painting your home. With so many reasons to get started, why wait? College Pro has been facilitating lasting relationships matching homeowners with local students and entrepreneurs for over 40 years, we can’t wait for you to become a part of the experience. Call today to schedule your painting consultation! "

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Great job. Very polite and good communication WRT arrival time.


Kitchener, ON
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I was very pleased with the friendly service, particularly with the work that Andriy did with cleaning the siding. It was clear that he wanted to do a good job, and he did. Thanks!

Kristina & Shane

Winnipeg, MB
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