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Portland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and Portland College Pro believes that by employing hundreds of college students and entrepreneurs every year, we help the unemployment rate go down. As a college student or entrepreneur, it can be hard to find a job. Many companies don’t want to pay them more than minimum wage. Others don’t want to give them managerial responsibility because they worry it will not be worth the investment if they decided to leave the company after graduation. Students also struggle to find employment that will allow them to balance their school schedules during the school year, yet give them extra hours during their summers while they are not taking classes. At Portland College Pro we pay our employees well, train them in managerial and leadership skills, and allow them to work full-time during the summers and train only on the weekends during the school year.

What Portland College Pro Can Offer Homeowners

Homeowners in Portland can feel confident hiring College Pro because of our stupendous customer service, talented house painters, and satisfaction guarantee. We use only the best products in the market and are sure that our house painters are highly trained before sending them on any job. We expect payment only after you have been completely satisfied with the service of our employees and the outcome of the painting project. We encourage all of our customers to spread the word to neighbors when they are satisfied with Portland College Pro. We have been working in the industry and in Portland for over four decades and most of our business comes from recommendations from neighbor to neighbor. We have employed the sons and daughters of past employees because of the amount of time we have spent helping entrepreneurs in your community. Please give us a call today because we are looking forward to working for you!

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